What’s Your Dream Wedding Theme?

You're engaged—hooray! When you're ready to dive into planning your wedding, picking a vibe for the day is a good place to start. Are you dreaming of a garden wedding and a gown adorned with floral appliqués? Or maybe you'd like to say "I do" on the beach, barefoot in an airy sheath? Pick a venue to set the scene, add the wedding dress that matches your style, and all of the details will fall into place. Here are a few wedding themes to spark your imagination.

Glamorous Wedding Ideas

If you imagine your walk down the aisle as more of a sultry saunter than a step-together-step-together stroll, wearing a maximalist, couture-worthy wedding gown rather than a simple sheath, and a far-flung villa taking the place of a hometown locale, we’ve got the glam wedding tips you’ve been waiting for.

Formal Wedding Ideas

The traditional wedding is what typically comes to mind whenever the W-word is mentioned. Think: a church service or a cultural custom; a cake-cutting, bouquet-tossing, dance floor-packing reception; and last but definitely not least, a classic wedding dress with gorgeous details and a veil that goes on forever.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

When mason jars, chalkboard decor, and wood signs unite with twinkly lights, an ordinary barn transforms into someplace magical. All the homespun touches of a country wedding create an atmosphere that feels deeply personal, and a wedding dress adorned with handcrafted lace heightens the charming effect.

Beach Wedding Ideas

Sometimes life is about the destination—for instance, when you mark your union with a destination wedding. The sand and the sea provide a stunning backdrop for a ceremony. To contrast the beauty of the outdoors, mix in formal details: Imagine a tulle cathedral veil floating gracefully in the breeze.

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Everything old is new again when you throw an elegant Gatsby–style soirée. With vintage 1920s and 1930s decor and details, you'll transport guests to another time. A wedding dress covered in exquisite beading embodies an earlier era's refinement while creating a statement that stands the test of time.

Modern Wedding Ideas

Your love is forever, but your style is of the moment. For an event that represents the two of you, go for glamour with a modern–day edge. Style your contemporary wedding with dramatic lighting, crystal decor, and glittering accents. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses and a chic gown provide the perfect juxtaposition.

Romantic Wedding Ideas

It's a once-in-a-lifetime day, so make it once–in–a–lifetime party. For a fairytale garden wedding, pick romantic colors, classic touches, and a princess–worthy gown. Against a backdrop of lush greenery and blooming flowers, you'll kick off your "happily every after" with a memorable beginning.

Simple Wedding Ideas

You want to start your new adventure together without going over the top, and a small wedding offers intimacy—and budget savings. With your nearest and dearest family and friends in attendance, you'll be surrounded by love and excitement. And a little white dress (or a long one) makes a celebration of any size feel even more festive.

Casual Wedding Ideas

Whether your plans include a quick courthouse ceremony or an all-day celebration, an elopement for two or a backyard bash full of family and friends, the close-to-home appeal of a casual wedding is easy to appreciate. Try a short dress—or even a jumpsuit—for a look that’s as relaxed as you are.

Festival Wedding Ideas

Channel the good vibes of a freewheeling music festival for your spirited wedding celebration. Look for effortless dresses, bright colors, and one-of-a kind touches to make a festival-themed party your own.

Garden Wedding Ideas

Make the most of nature’s beauty with a garden themed wedding rich in colorful blooms and charming details. You’ll find dresses decked out in floral prints and lifelike petals, plus everything fit for a wedding under the spring or summer sun.

City Hall Wedding Ideas

A courthouse wedding can be spontaneous and whimsical or sweet and sentimental. But it’s always intimate and memorable. Here’s everything you need to know about planning a wedding at your local courthouse, plus ideas for what to wear!

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